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‘Mandala – How to Draw and Interpret Simple Mandala Designs’

A Mandala is a pattern or design, usually within a circle, with its roots in the devotions of Hinduism and Buddhism, where the design is usually intended to symbolise the Universe. The Mandala (or Divine Designs) produced on the course will be essentially simple in structure.

This awareness course is suitable for both those relatively new to the subjects taught as well as those with more experience. There are several elements or aspects all interwoven around the theme of psychic awareness and the imagination.

    1. Energy, how to centre and clear the individual subtle energy field, and the essential management of the breath and power.
    2. Frequencies and the colours these energies generate in our imagination.
    3. Various ways to interpret and understand these frequencies and colours.
    4. The psychic state and perceiving extra-sensory information.
    5. MANDALA – the creation of simple coloured forms and patterns within a small circle through psychic attunement, both for the self and others:
      • How to make a simple mandala or design.
      • How to interpret the relationship, distribution and form of the colours in the Mandala, to elicit the meaning or movement of an individual’s life pattern, and their psycho-spiritual structure or nature.
      • Creating a Mandala as both a meditational process and also its value as a focus for meditation and reflection.

No artistic ability or experience is at all necessary, simply a willingness to experiment, explore and discover whilst in tune with your higher forces and psychic nature. A set of coloured pencils (as soft as possible) or good crayons and a small pad of drawing paper are required. Students will be encouraged to draw a small simple Mandala or patterns during the day.

The fee for the course is £55.00, payable in advance. Please secure your place on the course by returning your completed booking form to us, along with your payment for the day. Registration on the day is from 10.00am. The Self Centre has a small café, which provides simple, nutritious lunches, snacks and beverages. I look forward to working with you on the day.

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No refunds are given on limited places courses.

Whilst we do our utmost to ensure all courses go ahead as published, we reserve the right to make changes as are sometimes necessary and all courses are subject to adequate subscription. We can accept no financial responsibility in the event of cancellation for other costs incurred by students. Should we cancel or postpone a course, any prepayment is refunded in full.

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