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Newsletter Autumn 2018 and Calendar 2019

This newsletter accompanies the publishing of my dates for 2019. Where the course title is not yet published, please ensure the local organiser has your contact details so they can inform you as soon as it is announced.

In Europe, indeed globally, it was quite a heatwave and the long periods of hot weather did the unthinkable to this Englishman as he began to think a little rain shower might freshen things up. Normally in a British summer, we pray the rain will cease as we sit in our cars, gazing with longing at a damp, windswept beach through steamy windows. Well, we certainly did get warmed up and truly, I didn't complain about it even though I eventually did wish for some rain drops to fall, but it was a good excuse to not work, to relax and take time out.

I remember a spiritual teacher colleague some years ago who hailed from the sunny beaches of Queensland, Australia. In typical British style, a group of us were discussing the weather and the excess of rain we experienced at that time. His interjection was wonderful. 'If you were in charge of the weather, when would you make it rain?' I did venture to suggest between 2.00 and 4.00am, but as someone else pointed out, some people like rain, so what about them? Should I deprive them of a stroll through a rain shower followed by a burst of sunshine, when the fresh scent of the grass and trees and the damp earth fills our senses?

And also there is something very special about those moments when the sun peeps through, its light and warmth touching us after a dull, cloudy, wet morning. They are such great metaphors for life more generally: a life replete with variety and contrast, with movements and changes, light and dark, activity and rest.

But I am missing those hot, sunny days already as I look through my wardrobe at the waiting jumpers and scarves.

I so look forward to seeing you this autumn and next year, I really do. You all often bring me a bit of sunshine. Thank you.

There are a couple of things for me to draw your attention to here.

There are two new courses being offered: 'Inner Light, The Matrix of Perfection and Deep Healing Process' and a certificated training in 'Self-Mastery' for those who wish to work with others as well as themselves. Details of both will appear shortly on the web site.

There will also be more 'Self-development' recordings available in 2019 and in this regard the meditation App preparation has been delayed but will also be up and running sometime in 2019.

Watch this space!

And remember how special you are – even when the sun is hiding.

Love to you all


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