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The Inner Child and Subconscious Self

Our relationship with our inner child or subconscious self is vital in the process of Self-Mastery. Here Paul introduces in simple terms the spiritual family of the conscious (mother) self, the subconscious (child) self and the superconscious (father) self and reveals how, by bringing them into conscious union, we allow the unfoldment of a more loving, joyful and fulfilling life in us. Approx. 30 minutes including meditation.


Remembering Who You Are

An exercise taught by Paul on courses and workshops to stimulate our sense of connection to our deeper, spiritual selves and the journey of eternal discovery through space and time. Practiced regularly, it will promote a sense of belonging to the Universe and the Cosmos, a feeling of peaceful connection and permanence within the self.


Being Centred and Clearing

This is a simple basic exercise that should be used before any period of meditation or visualisation and maybe used as a meditation in itself. It is a first exercise in ‘psychic hygiene’, valuable for all to learn and practice.


Connecting to the Field

We all exist within our own fields or auras which are, in turn, interacting with the fields of others and all life around us. This meditation guides you to a level of awareness where this inter-field dialogue and its healing impact can be truly and profoundly experienced. A real consciousness raising process.


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