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Europe / Overseas Dates 2020

The dates given here are for courses and workshops. Additional days will be available for private appointments on each visit. Please contact the organiser for the relevant details and for booking your place. If you wish to be added to our main mailing list, then please let us know via our Newsletter form.



Contact Katja Strasser. Email: Tel: 004141 7520775


16th-22nd Appointments and day course 'Healing & Chakra Clearing' Saturday 21st (limited numbers.)


13th-14th Course 'Siriun Healing & Magic'


12th-13th Course 'The Power & Wisdom of the Inner Voice – Further Development' Weekend 2.


21st-22nd Course (To be confirmed)



Contact Daniel Lindstedt. Email:


1st-6th Appointments and weekend course 4th / 5th.


4th-9th Appointments and weekend course 7th / 8th.


Whilst we do everything we can to ensure details are correct, the programme may be subject to changes. We can accept no financial responsibility in the event of cancellation for other costs incurred by students.

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