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The Magic & Healing Of Sirius
Attunements 1 – 4

This 2 CD pack both explains and takes the listener through each of the first four of the Siriun meditations and attunements, based upon the teaching Paul gives at his workshops. The process of these recordings is a powerful one, and whilst ideally should be accompanied by attendance at relevant teaching sessions, it may prove of interest to students of all backgrounds and traditions. An accompanying booklet is being prepared and attunements 5, 6 & 7 will also be published later.

  Reference: CDS0207
UK price: £17.50


On this special awareness CD, Paul guides the listener through an understanding of the Human Aura, based on his own special perception, contains a special visualisation.

  Reference: CD191
UK price: £10.00


An excellent CD for understanding and clearing the Chakra system. A vital tool for those seeking deeper self-awareness and health of mind and body. Includes an excellent weekly exercise.

  Reference: CD292
UK price: £10.00

Unfolding Your Intuition

On this CD, Paul leads the listener to an understanding of the Intuition and explains how we can all access the Inner Teacher that seeks to guide us on the path to successful, fulfilling and creative living.

  Now available on CD
Reference: CD0999
UK price: £10.00

Gently and Deeply

A simple introduction to the Art and Practise of Meditation, this is a very valuable CD for those commencing earnest Spiritual development. The first section is concerned with preparation and the second is a gently guided sequence towards a meditative state. Excellent both for beginners and those already on the path.

  Reference: CD09871
UK price: £10.00

Breathe, Relax and Imagine

A simple and effective approach to breath awareness, relaxation and peace of mind, including marvellous guided imagery and music. A very popular recording used in many clinics, centres and hospitals.

  Reference: CD10841
UK price: £10.00

Sleep Peacefully

A recording with sound advice and simple, yet effective approaches to developing a good sleep pattern - features a relaxing guided descent into sleep and a brief follow up for the morning.

  Available soon on CD

You can do it – Stop worrying

Two guided relaxation exercises that assist the improvement of self-image, curb worrying and motivate to confident peak performance in any task or activity.

  Reference: CD10851
UK price: £10.00

Picture Yourself Relaxed

Two twenty minute sequences, one for morning and one for the evening, designed to assist in the development of a positive, yet tranquil state of being. Recorded in a group session in 1984.

  Reference: CD08841
UK price: £10.00

Jewels and Gemstones

Two lovely, magical journeys in the imagination, created especially for children aged from six years upwards, which promote a confident, relaxed and happy frame of mind, enhancing creative thought, and a sense of well-being.

  Reference: CD02852
UK price: £10.00

The Garden of Light and Chakra Resonances

Visit your own inner garden, where flowers will help you discover which of the colours in your Aura will most benefit from healing - healing you can then commence through focussed breathing, visualisation and Paul's Flower Chromatic Essences. Also, listen to tones linking with the major Chakra groups in your Aura.

  Reference: CD805
UK price: £10.00




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