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Angels Looking Through:
Stories of Contact with Remarkable Spirits

Publisher: Top Reads Publishing, Inc., Teri Rider

People want to believe that when a loved one dies we remain connected through a universal system of love, knowledge and guidance. Paul Lambillion gives us evidence of such connections in his new book, Angels Looking Through.

The remarkable messages in Angels Looking Through come from the many cases of ordinary people Paul shares with us from his past 30 years of work in which he used his mediumistic abilities to facilitate conversations that bring greater understanding to the unfinished personal business left by death—the child who died, the marriage that didn’t fulfill its promise, or the simple bliss to share once more with someone much loved the details of what made their relationship so precious. Such exchanges begin a process that heals, alleviates guilt, or simply brings joy to the heart and confirmation that there is life after death.

Amazon product number: 978-0-9964860-3-3


“Angels Looking Through will bring comfort to many looking for more evidence of life everlasting.”
Shirley Billes, Personal and Spiritual Development Consultant

“Paul’s effortless communications with Angels are truly loving and reassuring.”
Katja Strasser, Numerologist and Healer

“…a true gem, for those who value learning about the profound spiritual bond with life.”
Diane Haeger, Bestselling author

How to Heal and Be Healed
Published by Gateway / Gill & Macmillan, currently out of print, in English.
Published as 'How to Heal And Be Healed' by BIP Jakarta.
Also available in Croatian, published by Mozaik knjiga, entitled as 'Kako se IZLIJECITI i ostati ZDRAV.'

Paul’s second ebook “How to Heal and Be Healed” is now available from all leading ebook sites and retailers. ebooks are available for tablets and ebook readers. If you enjoy our ebooks please leave your review on the retailers site.

Some extracts from messages we have received regarding Paul's book 'How to Heal and Be Healed':

‘I think it is great – I so enjoyed reading it’
(Suffolk, UK)

‘I’m really enjoying your new book, it’s inspirational!’
(Kent, UK)

‘I have been reading ‘How to Heal & Be Healed’ and have loved every minute of the time thus spent.’
(South Africa)

‘I started reading ‘How to Heal & Be Healed’ today, and just couldn’t put it down! Congratulations on writing such an enlightening and balanced book.’

‘I think it is a wonderful book. Is it in German yet?’
(Munich, Germany)

‘You are a true seer. Thank you for writing this super book.’
(Stuttgart, Germany)

Auras and Colours
A Guide to Subtle Energies' Published by Gateway / Gill & Macmillan
Published in Estonia as 'Aurad ja Värvid' by Tänapäev, 2003

Paul's new book has an autobiographical element, containing many stories and anecdotes which illustrate the ideas as explored in the text. There are many structured exercises for the reader to use, diagrams and eight colour plates. It is a useful book both for the beginner and those already familiar with the subject matter.

Paul’s first ebook “Auras and Colours” is now available from all leading ebook sites and retailers. ebooks are available for tablets and ebook readers. If you enjoy our ebooks please leave your review on the retailers site.

Some extracts from letters we have received regarding Paul's book 'Auras & Colours':

‘I very much enjoyed your book, I found it enlightening and uplifting.’
Bristol, England

‘'Auras & Colours' is fascinating reading’
Dublin, Ireland

‘Thank you - it has become more than a book to me.’
Cape Town, South Africa

‘Amazing book. I just loved it.’
Monterrey, Mexico

‘It is a wonderful book. I've nearly worn it out already.’
Arizona, USA

‘..your words are so relevant to me, you have talked about things I knew as a child. At last, someone who knows! Thank you so much!’

‘Initially a book I borrowed from the library, but it has so much to offer…I ordered my own copy. The information is lucid, given in a loving way with many straightforward exercises to show us the pattern. Paul sounds like a beautiful soul.’ site

‘Your book is a gem .. it has helped me understand so much that I felt I already knew somehow.’
Queensland, Australia

‘I have been reading your book ‘Auras & Colours’ today and guess it was something like ‘Catcher in the Rye’ when the lad is saying how much he would love to meet the authors of certain books…I remember life used to have so much more meaning and colour when I was a child…Thank you for the descriptions and explanations. Thank you again.’

‘I loved the picture of the old man in front of the fire, not wishing to change, being like our subconscious – that one sentence made the whole book worthwhile and gave me hope to keep trying. Thank you.’

Staying Cool
Published by Newleaf / Gill & Macmillan

A de-stressing book for young people and the young at heart.

  SPECIAL OFFER UK price: £5.50

Levels of depression, stress and anxiety amongst young people are rising alarmingly. Causes are many – school, college, exams, interviews, low self-esteem and problems at home are just some of the things that can spark off problems.

Drawing on his continuing work with young people in schools and colleges, and his experience as a teacher, therapist and father, Paul looks at the pressures on young people and outlines some simple strategies to help them cope.

He looks at the importance of creating space to free the mind and think clearly and the need to take real control of their lives.

‘Staying Cool’ offers simple methods for revision, goal setting, preparing for exams and interviews, as well as approaches to releasing anger, fears and dealing with sadness.

‘Staying Cool’ should be in every school bag, and every educational resource centre.

Communications from Heartstar

This first selection of channelled material is published in response to a growing demand to share some of the ideas and teachings that have been given over the years. If you are a true seeker, looking to understand a little more of the nature of Time, Space, Reality and your place in the Scheme of Life, then this book may well stimulate and inspire you in these times of great change for Mankind.

*Published also in German as 'Herzstern' - Ch Falk Verlag, Munich 1994

  Reference: B931
SPECIAL OFFER UK price: £1.50

Heartstar – Paul has long been channelling Heartstar and runs Heartstar study courses and seminars.

For more information click here.

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