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Paul Lambillion was born in Islington, London in 1945. He had a natural deep inner vision as a child which was seldom understood by his elders. He was able to see the energy patterns around trees, animals and people quite clearly as a young boy, frequently predicting changes well before they occurred. Gradually, he suppressed this ability until he was struck by lightning at the age of seventeen. Then the vision grew even more powerful.

In adult life, Paul became a teacher, eventually working with children with special needs and emotional behavioural problems. He also spent some time as a salesman, a professional singer and a business man.

Whilst coming to terms with physical and other serious challenges in his thirties, Paul experienced a profound spiritual awakening. A major manifestation of this period was the unfoldment of his gift as a channel for healing and his ability to help those suffering from ill-health, anxiety, despair and feelings of hopelessness.

In 1984, Paul committed his life to helping others grow and realising their true potential. His extremely perceptive nature, his wonderful talent as a teacher and humorous communicator, has lead to his emergence as a leading figure in the fields of Healing, Meditation, Self-Awareness and Spiritual Unfoldment.

Through his writing, his inspirational cassettes, his lectures, workshops and weekly private clinics, Paul touches the lives of many people, both in UK and overseas, working regularly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Liechtenstein and Spain.

Paul leads excellent courses in meditation, healing, creative thinking and spiritual unfoldment and he is now much sought after as a course leader and consultant by local authorities, Health Education departments and large businesses and many organisations. Paul teaches, counsels and advises people from all walks of life, - teachers, prison inmates, doctors, firemen and business men.

He has broadcast on both radio and national television in UK and overseas.

Paul is also well known for his knowledge of the Human Aura, and his remarkable gift in seeing and interpreting the trends its layers reveal. He is also able to see into other planes and dimensions, developing a powerful relationship with his inner guidance Heartstar. A gentle caring man, Paul Lambillion heals, uplifts and inspires wherever he goes.

Many are experiencing renewal and awakening through the help they receive from him. Perhaps you, too will benefit from knowing something of his work.

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