In Certainly Uncertain Times You Can Be Certain About You
9th March 2020

As I write to welcome the Spring, at least in the northern hemisphere of the planet, uncertainty seems to abound more than ever. As I suggested in my short piece on how to approach the latest crisis, the Covid-19 (see Notices), it is becoming ever clearer to me that we have to engage with higher and more profound perceptions of ourselves, our world, and our circumstances. The old models of thinking and behaviour aren’t really coping anymore and the proliferation of a tiny virus is threatening global economic and social meltdown, despite all our modern medical know-how and sophistication. Fear is taking over and the media are having an absolute field day as they peddle Armageddon style editorials. Even the BBC has “debunked” some natural treatments as “fake” or “dangerous” when I know from my personal experience that this outrageous criticism is very severely flawed and based on ignorance. At least medieval plague victims hadn’t been primed up for disaster by social media and 24 hour news bulletins as we have been.


Amid all the upheaval, the panic buying of pasta, tins of peas and the hoarding of toilet rolls, and puzzled government spokespeople sombrely rolling their eyes, there is one thing you can be certain about. It’s you.

The emphasis in my teaching to groups and individuals over the last 4 decades has always been based upon the enhancement of self-awareness and the empowerment of each of us. In these rapidly changing times, an active grasp of the sound principles which nourish individual psycho/spiritual growth is vital.

Because, I repeat, whatever else is going on around you, you can be certain about you and the astounding powers within you. It is your responsibility to learn about them, study them and work with them so that the world and universe works through you and from you, rather than around and outside you. We don’t have to be victims of circumstances.

Everything that exists in your world, does so because of processes in you and not the other way round.

In Hermetic teaching it tells us that “If you are possessed of fear, do not waste time trying to kill the fear, but instead cultivate the quality of courage and the fear will disappear.” Live the truth that what you cultivate within you, manifests outside you.

In this time of greater and greater change, remember that the greatest tool you have is your mind and its relationship with your spirit. Regular meditation unfolds the link between these elements of you and gives to you increasing power to choose how you think, what you think about and what you endorse and experience.

Modern science has at least finally shown us that what we think and feel affects the effectiveness of our physical biochemistry. A strong well centred mind will produce a stronger and stronger body, a more effective immune system and reduce all inflammations within us.

You can be certain about that.

So while acknowledging what is going on around and outside you, and following good practices in maintaining a healthy body, use your mind to decide how you wish to think and feel, and what outer world you wish to experience. A world of fear and powerlessness, or one of harmony, love and wholeness?

It is certainly up to you.



I shall continue to travel, teach and give appointments as long as I am allowed to do so. This is my 75th year on this planet and I have encountered many set-backs and challenges in that time but I have learned to trust the process of life and transmute fear and I will continue on that path. I hope you will too!


We have day 2 of “The Power and Wisdom of The Inner Voice” in Bury St Edmunds on 16th May so please book if you have yet to do so. There is also “Sirius Light Levels 11 (day 1)” on 4th July, and “Sirius Light Levels 7” group on 27/28th June.

The Heartstar study afternoons are as published on my web site, and with the exception of 25th September, which is cancelled due to a holiday, all else remains the same.

ALL details of UK courses are to be found on my website and can be booked on line on your computer or tablet or by post. I understand that booking by mobile phone is not yet possible for some so we (me and the wonderful teams at screendye and NetserveIT who maintain my webpage and circulate this newsletter for me) will seek to make the site more “Mobile Friendly” in due course this year.

In Edinburgh we will be doing the first level “Self-Mastery certificated Practitioner Training” on 29/30th August and February 20/21st 2021. Please contact Tammy McLellan on to register.

I will also be visiting Herne Bay, Kent, for a teaching day and private appointments between 15th to 18th April. Please contact Graham Davies on for information.


I will be in Switzerland 16th to 21st March. Appointments are available and I will be presenting a day course in Liechtenstein Saturday 21st March “Forces, Energies, Healing and The Chakra System”. In June we will also be presenting the next Sirius Light Levels course and also be offering appointments. Please contact Katja Strasser on 0041417520775 or

1st to 6th April I will be offering appointments and a weekend course “Your Destiny and The Chakras” in Pforzheim. Please contact Daniel to book your place.

It will be so good to see you and I promise if I cough or sneeze I will use a disposable tissue!






I will be in touch again soon and I am so grateful for the fantastic support I receive from all you wonderful big-hearted and powerful souls.

Love and Thanks

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