Welcome to the work of Paul Lambillion. Paul is a spiritual teacher, healer and counsellor of international repute, based in England, UK.

He gives many private appointments each year throughout Europe for healing and guidance, also presenting courses and workshops where his natural subtle vision, remarkable awareness and great teaching gifts inspire, heal and guide those walking their spiritual journeys and seeking to understand their lives.

Paul's life-long vision of Aura and subtle forces, coupled with a great healing ability, and his channelling of the great group entity Heartstar, make him a compelling, yet down to earth source in these times of change.

To know more of Paul, his work and schedule, bookmark this site and select the topics that interest you.

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What colour are you?

How to select the colours of your own aura using a simple method.
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Amazon product number: 978-0-9964860-3-3

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Angels, Spirits and Healing: Part One

Angels, Spirits and Healing: Part Two


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